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Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting

UHP blasting holds over abrasive blasting is the effect on the environment, Abrasive blasting creates several environmental and health and safety issues, it creates a cloud of dust, covering everything in the vicinity with a fine abrasive layer of dust, you end up with a pile of grit on floor where you are working, with possibilities of contaminating the local area and waterways, as important are personal health and safety issues of breathing in abrasive dust, whilst the operator and there team have breathing apparatus, not everyone on or near the site will.

UHP Blasting has none of the issues attached to it, the diesel engines powering the latest pumps are Euro 3 compliant for emissions, the pumps operate between 12-38 Litres per minute, which is comparable to the water usage from your standard household hose pipe, you have none of the contamination from dust, and none of the cleanup and disposal costs for the used abrasive.

For more information on our UHP Water Blasting services, please feel free to contact us.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive (Grit Blasting) involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium and can be used for surface preparation, to remove previously applied coatings, corrosion deposits, etc, on all types of surfaces including steel, cast and wrought iron, concrete, timber, stone and plastic.

Blasting abrasive particles at a surface is the fastest and most effective way of de-scaling, de-burring and cleaning both awkward interior and external surfaces.

The work varies from establishing a good sound-working surface to promote the adhesion of a specific type of paint or coating. Or simply maintain the efficiency and life expectancy of a surface.

We have 6 Abrasive blasting “setups” in our fleet of equipment, run from one of our 450 cfm road towable compressors, we can also offer slurry blasting services with one of our UHP Water Jetting units and an NLB profiler nozzle, combining the power of UHP Water and Abrasive blasting.

Coatings Application

All the preparation methods used by Coastal Preservation are to approved standards, and all Paints / Compositions are applied to the manufacturers instructions.

As an ISO approved Company, Quality Records are kept of all application and environmental condition details for each project.

We specialise in onsite coatings application, from Ship Painting, to Petro-chemical tanks, to coatings application in environmentally sensitive areas.

Thickness testing is a standard procedure, with environmental checks at every stage to ensure conditions are acceptable for coatings application.

We can also offer a Heated Plural Feed Spray System, for highly specialist applications.

For more information on this project or product or to enquire about our Coatings Application services, please contact us.


Industrial Painting, Decorating and Cladding

The exterior of many commercial, industrial and retail buildings are partially or completely cladded, with either aluminium or steel construction panels. These Materials in turn can be painted with proven long lasting restoration coatings.

Coastal Preservation Services Limited has vast experience in cladding spraying whether for maintenance or colour change purposes.

Typical projects we undertake involve the re-imaging of large/small industrial units, warehouses and out of town retail units. The spraying of cladding can extend the life of a building by up to 30 years. At Coastal Preservation we offer any RAL and BS colours and can help
match colours if requested.

Coastal Preservation offers the full range of in-house services specialising in shop preparation shot/grit blasting and all types of wet coatings application, powder coating and hot applied metallization.



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